Artsworker, c. 1977, Northeast Megalopolis.

I grew up in a rundown house in once-rural Pennsylvania, my days spent exploring the woods and cornfields around my childhood home. As a kid, I fashioned hidden forts and scattered hideaways all about the neighborhood, little pockets of refuge from the outside world.

Fast forward to the present, and I’m a psychologist-turned-communications director whose work focuses on translating creativity into engagement. Essentially, I help leading arts, cultural, and design organizations share their work with the larger world. Visuals, stories, spaces, experiences… you name it.

When not helping others share their ideas, I develop some of my own:

  • Furniture and sculpture in wood, metal, and clay.

  • Community outreach design, with a nod towards physical space

  • Daily sketching by hand, in short bursts over early am coffee.

  • Various other adventures in art, architecture, and design.

Always happy to connect and/or make connections. Say hello.